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November 2015

Half Way through the first term!!!

Here is my Social Mid Term Evaluation.

Hummm…… The interview

My eminent person was Mozart. I went straight to my violin teacher for the interview. She had been in this field for her entire career so she was my one and only choice. I thought that the interview would be… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables Assessment

Personally, I felt I did alright during this assignment. It was my first time (as well as all grade 9’s first time) doing the Eminent Person. I met many of my goals but, at the same time, I felt there… Continue Reading →

Biblography – Websites that helped me through the dark times

Learning center: All of these sites are either music sheets. These are the composition analysises:ì_fan_tutte   Speech:  This is a great movie. It is definitely… Continue Reading →

Wait! We need to do Document of Learning???!!!

Everything seems so overwhelming in TALONS. I am doubting my ability to handle this. INS, ZAP, Eminent all with a month and half. I didn’t expect this in middle school. But here I am trying to survive my first year… Continue Reading →

Corruption of the World Famous Soccer Organizations (ZAP Project)

  Francisco Zhou October 18, 2015.   To date, FBI and IRS-CI are investigating more than 15 members of worldwide soccer organizations for alleged use of money laundering, bribery, racketeering, and wire fraud. The two events that gained the most… Continue Reading →

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