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Month December 2015

ZIP felt like …………. ZIP

Overall To be honest, I felt like ZIP past very quickly. Well, people say, “If you truly enjoy something, you won’t even notice the time passing by.” It is pretty true in my opinion. I really enjoyed learning Quote Analysis… Continue Reading →

French Revolution is coming to an end. Napoleonic Era will soon begin

 I am Napoleon Bonaparte. People think I am French but they are wrong. I am Corsican. As you can tell, I am not really interested in the French Revolution. Before the revolution started, I fought in the King’s Army. When… Continue Reading →

Should I?

1st June 1791 Waking up early this morning, I check the clock. It displays 2:54 am. I could sleep for another 3 hours before time to get up. I closed my eyes trying to go back to sleep. Suddenly, an… Continue Reading →

ZIPZAP… It’s my ZIP project.

My ZIP project is Quote Analysis. I enjoyed the process of making it. So I hope you guys can enjoy reading my final products. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ECkLG5lk7cJtq_R65yIb1U4ZjjZgYre42S6qD71FN1E/edit?usp=sharing  


  July 30, 1789 Upon graduating from École Militaire in 1785, I am serving as a second lieutenant in La Fère artillery regiment. I was the first Corsican to graduate from École Militaire. Even though I serve in the French Army, my heart… Continue Reading →

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