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Month November 2016

NotN reflection – can’t wait for 2017 NotN

“Omg, I need coffee.” “I slept at 2am last night” “Lmao, I woke up at 6 and finished my poster at 8 this morning”   Although Eminent date was set since the beginning of the semester, I still decided to… Continue Reading →

Bibliography – Kwon Ji Yong

Here is the document for most the websites I used during this project. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17z_fwCh5sUtKsZJtBRri0Vr2qsYY41WAGJRCdaJIPtw/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy

Document of Learning

My Document of learning is going to my speech for the Night of the Notable. Enjoy. (In Korean) Hello, I am G- Dragon. (In English) Good evening everyone, I am G-Dragon. I am very grateful to be getting this award… Continue Reading →

Eminent Interview

My interview process went really well. In the beginning I didn’t know who to interview, but shout out to Sydney who gave me an idea. My ex Warrant Officer Kevin Moon was accepted into a singing competition in Korea and… Continue Reading →

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