Eminent night felt like yesterday. Feeling like I already wrote hundreds of blog posts, but here am I now writing the first blog post for In-depth. Thinking about this being my last and final In-depth project, I came up with a few criteria for this year’s project. 1. It must be something that I will enjoy doing rather than just doing it for the sake of a project. 2. It must be something new to me. 3. It must be something that I can do without needing too much supplies. With these 3 points, I thought about many options and narrowed them down to a few options. Then I thought about my in-depth project from last year.

Rewinding back to last year’s In-depth project when I chose to do violin cover for different songs, I considered it as a success. My expectation was to finish at least 2 cover songs and I completed my task with in the given time. I did violin cover for Eye, Nose, Lips, and Love yourself. Even after the in depth was done, I did one more violin cover for Always. I tried to apply the 3 criteria onto last year’s in-depth project. 1. I definitely enjoyed making violin cover for different songs. I would make more covers if I have more time. 2. Playing violin wasn’t something new to me because I have been playing violin for a long time, but making covers was something I have never attempted. Through the project I have learned about preplanning, shooting the cover, then editing the scenes. 3. Not much supplies were used when shooting a cover. The only I needed to buy was a video camera. Overall, last year’s project met all the criteria.


Jumping back to this year’s in depth project, I was thinking about the few options I have left. I was thinking of either doing dance choreography, learning Korean, making Vlogs, or making video game commentary. I have always been into Korean pop music so I wanted to learn Korean in order to understand the lyrics. I feel it would be really useful in my everyday life too since a lot of my friends are Korean. Another component of Kpop music is the dance choreography. Korean dance choreographies are really cool. I always wanted to learn Kpop dance. Most choreographies are really hard and I can’t learn them by myself. I feel like in-depth would be a really good opportunity because I could go find a mentor. Making Vlogs sounds really cool. I’ve seen making Vlogs on YouTube and I was very tempted to do one myself. The only problem is that I fear making a Vlog will need many special equipment. Lastly, I was thinking about making video game commentary. I watch video game commentary a l
ot. My mother doesn’t want me to watch them. I want to use in-depth as an excuse of watching them but I will probably get yelled at even more.

I wasn’t sure of what to do for in-depth until one day when I was talking with Katrina about it. We were like, “Let’s do Kpop dance choreography together.” At that time, I thought it was a joke but it turned out to be real. Later on, Mimi dbts-fire-1ecided to join us. I feel like we could definitely come up with an amazing end product. I only worry about one thing which is our schedule. The three of us all have very busy schedules. It would be hard to find a time that will suite all of us. One suggestion we had was to practice on our own before coming together as a whole. We had to find a mentor and luckily it wasn’t long before we found one. Our mentor is Sydney’s sister Sunny. She learned Korean dance before and could help us. Another person that could us is Kaleigh. She could help us with some stretches that are helpful for dance.


Let the In-depth 2017 start. Can’t wait to see what I will accomplish through this experiment.