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Month February 2017

French and Iroquois War (Beaver War)

The French and Iroquois War, also known as the Beaver War, was a series of conflict happened in the 17th century. Iroquois economics became interdependent with Europe’s fur trade. After the Dutch traders provided them with fire arms, the Iroquois… Continue Reading →

In – Depth Blog Post # 3

It has been 2 full weeks since the last blog post. I feel like I got a lot done during this 2 weeks. This post might be a bit short due to the fact that I am writing it after… Continue Reading →

Who Benefits From Reconciliation???

Over past century of time, the indigenous ┬ápeople of Canada has been suffering as Canadian government intend to eliminate indigenous government. Residential schools were built, and more than 150,000 children were taken away from families to attend these schools. Almost… Continue Reading →

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