It has been 2 full weeks since the last blog post. I feel like I got a lot done during this 2 weeks. This post might be a bit short due to the fact that I am writing it after a long day of travelling to Whistler.

I have met up with my mentor for 2 times over the past 2 weeks with Mimi. During our first meet up, I was sort of nervous but at the same time I was excited. I knew my mentor, Sunny, a long time ago from cadets and I always had huge respect towards her. Now I am interacting with her in a different field, I have all these mixed feelings before I was meeting her.

The first weekend after the second blog post, Mimi and I decided to go practice dance at Sunny’s apartment recreational center’s dance room. I arrived before Mimi did and I was with Sunny. In the beginning we were just have some normal conversations. After Mimi arrived, we practiced our dance routine. Sunny helped us a lot by coming up with substitutional moves as some of the moves can’t be performed with just 3 people. We followed what she suggested most of the time as we don’t really have anything that we don’t agree on.

The second time Mimi and I went to the dance room, Sunny opened the door for us and stayed with us for a while but then had to leave for a bit. During that time, I filmed my solo dance for Bingo and we practiced Adore U. For the place I am now at, I am unavailable to upload the video. I will upload my dance for Bingo once I return home on Sunday.