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Month March 2017

Post Confederation

October 11th, 1869 It’s been a while since last time. Time sure past fast. It has been almost 60 years since i past away. American ended their civil war. I cant believe those savages had taken over what used to… Continue Reading →

Blog post #4

The past weeks have been busy for myself, my team, and our mentor. As the new semester is underway, homework began to pile up. To be honest, I hardly get enough sleeping time let alone time for practicing dance. Our… Continue Reading →

Confederation??? What is that???

November 20th, 1859. Oh, confederation. Man! Feels bad to be dead at the time of the Confederation. I died a long time ago in the year of ummm…. oh! 1813. The month of October of 1813 to be exact. I… Continue Reading →

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