The past weeks have been busy for myself, my team, and our mentor. As the new semester is underway, homework began to pile up. To be honest, I hardly get enough sleeping time let alone time for practicing dance. Our mentor moved to a new house two weekends ago. My team are trying to find a new place for us to practice our dance. We talked to our mentor about this problem. She said we could still use that place as she has friends there who would let us into the recreational building. That isn’t a bad idea but it will be our plan B as my team are trying to find a place that is closer to us.

Three weekends ago, I filmed the video of my solo dance, Bingo by 24k. In my opinion, it was pretty good for my first dance. I filmed in the dance room in the recreational centre with my phone. The quality and the space of the video weren’t the best in my opinion. I plan to film another in the big underground parking in my apartment building as my final copy. My mentor agreed with me on that. Here is the link to my first dance.

As for our group dance, we successfully finished part of the song. After practicing that part, we feel like that would be enough because the entire song would be too long and there are many special effect parts weren’t able to present with just three people. Our mentor told us that it was something to think about when choosing dances for our next collaboration or our next solo. Right now, we are thinking of a place to film our collaboration piece and get started with our next dance.

I am also looking for my next solo piece as my mentor suggest that I work on a harder dance. She suggested groups such as BTS, Got7, Twice, and EXO. I am think that I might do dance by BTS or Got7. She suggested “Twice”, but I don’t really want to perform a girl dance as my solo. EXO has some good dances, but they are a pretty old group, so there dance is like from the older generation. There are a few dances I have in my mind at the moment. “Fly” by Got7 is a dance I always wanted to do, but some effects won’t be able to be shown with just one person. “Not Today” by BTS is a newly released song, but it’s dance choreography is kind of hard. When I messaged my mentor, she said, “You can do it if you really want a challenge.” At the moment, I am still thinking about my options. Bingo was an excellent choice which brought me satisfying results and fun. My next dance needs to be well chosen in order to have the same effect.

Lastly, in my P.E. class, we just ended our dance unit. During the dance unit, we had to create a dance for 2 minutes. In this unit, I had a lot of fun. When creating our dance, I borrowed a move or two from my in depth dances. Here is the end result of my P.E. dance. The song is a mashup of Teletubies, Caillou, and Little Einstein. Here is the link to this dance. 

I am hoping to film my good and final copy of Bingo on Sunday and posted by the next blog post. I will choose and begin to practice my next dance by before spring break start.