October 11th, 1869
It’s been a while since last time. Time sure past fast. It has been almost 60 years since i past away. American ended their civil war. I cant believe those savages had taken over what used to be mine homeland. I almost forgot that i need to finish my life story from last time. Where did I end last time?
Oh right… My war, Tecumseh’s war. After the confrontation with William Harrison, I travelled south to seek allies. Oh! I delivered many glorious speeches. Here is one of my favourite quotes that I still remember now days.
Brothers, we all belong to one family; we are all children of the Great Spirit; we walk in the same path; slake our thirst at the same spring; and now affairs of the greatest concern lead us to smoke the pipe around the same council fire! Brothers, we are friends; we must assist each other to bear our burdens. The blood of many of our fathers and brothers has run like water on the ground, to satisfy the avarice of the white men.
I gave great speeches but my effort was mostly wasted. Rejection after rejection. Choctaw’s Chief, Pushmataha, even¬†wanted me to stop this madness and sign more treaties with the white men. Why can’t he see that our homes are being taken away in chunks of million acres? There is no way I was stopping. I gained a small portion of allies and headed back to Prophetstown where my brother and most of my allies were.
What awaited me at Prophetstown was a entire burned town. Bodies of dead soldiers were everywhere. This was a severe blow to my entire plan. I learned what had happened through my brother, Tenskwatawa, who was in charge at the time. I was infuriated by his arrogant decision. I don’t want to mention any part of the battle since it hurts to just even think about it. Here is the cite if you really want to learn this pivotal point in my war.
With most of my allies gone with the Great Spirit, I decided to ally my forces with the British forces from Upper Canada. We led the attack on Americans with notably the Siege of Detroit, the Siege of Fort Meigs and Battle of Thames. The Siege of Detroit ended with a W for us. The americans surrendered the city in order to prevent a massacre. The Siege of Fort Meigs didn’t end well for us. We ended up abandoning the siege. During the siege, some of my people began to kill American prisoners until I came to stop them. In my opinion, killing powerless people is such a shame. Because of this action, I was later honoured by Americans as a “Noble Savage.
Battle of Thames was the last battle I attended in my life. The British General at the time was Procter. In my opinion, he is a coward instead of a warrior. He wanted to retreat into Upper Canada while I wanted to give the American a decisive blow. We ended up retreating while the Americans pursued us. On October 5th, 1813, I was killed shortly after we lost the Battle of Thames.
In conclusion, I died heroically fighting for my land and my home. To be concise. I died in the land of what is now called Canada. I never really focus on these British colonies in the north. America has always been on my radar. The civil war was really interesting to watch. I loved seeings these filthy people slaughter each other. Sadly it ended in 1865 with the northerners winning the covil war.
Entertainment was over so I decided to travel north and visit the british colonies up there. I got there around august 1866. I lurked around and heard that they were planning on uniting as a nation. Personally i dont oppose this idea as long as the first nations gets treated nicely.
The first meeting, the charlottetown meeting, was held in october of 1866. I didn’t spot any First Nation people during the meeting.
The second meeting, the quebec meeting, was held in january of 1867. Not a single First Nation person.
I attended and listened through both meeting. I was furious that none of the meetings included any first nation people. They were planning on forming a nation without having first nation people inputing a voice. To be honest, i feel powerless by watching the first nations getting excluded and not able to do anything about it. London conference happened in 1867 and on July 1st Canada officially became a independent nation. After participating in the independence of america and witnessing the independence of Canada, I truly feel that becoming a nation by negotiation is so much better than by using violence.
Let’s await patiently and observe how this new nation treats my brothers and sisters.