It is time for In depth post number five. I had some personal accomplishments and my team also had some accomplishments.

Starting with myself, I filmed my good copy of Bingo the weekend after blog post #4. I chose to film it in the garage because there were vast vacant spaces available. Here is the link to the video.  In my opinion, it wasn’t bad for my first dance video. Referring to the fourth blog post, I talked with my mentor, Sunny, about the different options i have for my second solo. I decided to learn the dance choreograph for “Fly” by Got7. This dance choreograph for this dance is definitely a notch more complicated than “Bingo”. If I am able to perfect all the moves for this dance choreography, then it is probably going to be the dance for the night of In-Depth. Here is the link to Got7’s Fly.

My team and I finally finished with our first dance cover, “Adore U” by Seventeen. Here is the link to the video. Our mentor already saw our raw copy of the video. She is going to see the good copy in probably a few minutes after I finish this post. It wasn’t bad for our first collaboration as our group can barely find time together to work on it. Mostly during our dance practices, Sunny will help us to fill in the spot of the person absent. There were a few moves that needed to be changed during the dance video and Sunny came up with moves for us. During today’s filming, we figured that some moves does quite suit the routine so we ended up tweaking one part. My team and i think we could do better than this, but we don’t want to spend more time on this as it won’t be our performance piece. We will soon decide on another dance choreography to learn. Our decision and more progress will be on the next blog post.



Beautiful Mind: The six hats

That’s a brand new and interesting way to categorize conversations with our mentor. I didn’t talk to my mentor much during spring break. I will post the conversation we had about the decisions on the my second solo dance choreography cover.

The six hats are:

White hat: White means information.

Red hat: Red information includes emotions, feelings and intuition.

Black hat: This hat includes critical thinking and judging information.

Yellow hat: This hat looks for values, benefits and why something should work.

Green hat: This hat is productive.

Blue hat: This hat helps organize other hats.


“Hi Sunny”


“I finished my first dance choreography cover bingo and I was thinking of what to do for the next solo piece.” (Blue)

“I saw your first video, it was great. For your second video, I would suggest something more difficult.” (Red)

“What songs do you suggest then?” (Green)

“Tbh you could try songs from BTS, Got7, Twice, and EXO.” (White)

“Oh, Lol. Maybe BTS or Got7 then. They have quite a few nice dance choreography.” (Red)

“Why not Twice or Exo? They have really good dances too. Like Cheer Up, or Monster and others.” “They all have really good dances.” (White)

“I don’t want to do a girl dance. I feel I will lose interest half way.” (Red)

“That’s perfectly fine.”

“And my mom is going to make fun of me. Lol” (Red)

“Haha.” “What about EXO?” (Green)

“They are a bit too old. Like their old songs have good dance moves. But I don’t really like the new songs such as Monster, or like Lotto.” (Red)

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it.”

“I think I might do Not Today by BTS.” “It’s a bit hard tho, don’t you think?” (Green)

“You can do it if you really want a challenge.” “it is a song with hard dance choreography. Personally, I would choose uneasier one.” (Yellow)

“Okay, what about Fly by Got7.” (Green)

“I haven’t seen that one in a while. Hold on, I’ll go see it now.” “Just have a few choices in your head for now and we will talk later.” (Black)

“Okay, thank a lot :)”