Let’s dive straight into the topic then. Basically, I did a Vlog of what happened during my trip to Shell. Oh here is a picture that I took the day before. It is the spill emergency kit. Here are some notes I took during the visit which I will be going over in my Vlog. Enjoy the Vlog.


Click here for the link to my vlog.


screen-shot-2017-05-06-at-9-48-48-pmI mentioned that we might be able to visit Petro Canada because we were waiting for the store manager to contact her boss.
Unfortunately, I just received an email stating that Petro Canada has rejected us.



Bimg_1647img_1646esides visiting Shell, I also interviewed an ex gas station owner, Hangsheng Wu. He is a family friend of ours. We talked through the phone and i recorded our entire conversation. However, the entire conversation is in Chinese, so I summarized the key points we talked about during the interview and noted them down on my note book. Down below are the pictures of my notes. They were very similar to the notes I took during the interview with Susan. In most parts, it’s exactly the same which is not a big surprise due to the same standards all gas stations must follow.

rsz_img_1639 rsz_1img_1640 rsz_1img_1641

Not only I visited gas station, I also did a lot of background research regarding the storage of fuels because it was the part I was most interested. I believe fuel storage is the most important part in a gas station. Without proper storage equipements or leak prevention, it is quite hazardous. There is a YouTube video I found that talked a lot about leak preventions. Here are the notes and pictures I took and drawn from the video. During my visit at shell, I asked Susan if Shell uses any of these leak prevention system. Susan told me that there are some standard leak prevention systems they have, but she doesn’t know exactly which ones they have.

rsz_img_1644 rsz_img_1645 img_1643 img_1642

Throughout this process, I learned a lot of new skills and knowledge. Knowledge-wise, I obviously know more about how a gas station keep track of their flammable materials. Skill-wise, I learned to talk with people that I have no idea about. Just be a friendly person with manner, then any normal human would accept me. I learned to keep trying until the end, even if in the end it’s a fail, I know I tried my best. I learned how to cope with rejections. Be open minded about it; there is always a door open for me. Lastly, I learned that people will always try to help you, so I would like to acknowledge everyone who helped me throughout this process.